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Human Milk Donation: Lessons Learned During the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
What else can we do?

Human milk donation: the pandemic brought changes, your donation brings hope

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Simultaneous translation into Portuguese, Spanish and English

Monday – May, 17 – 2021
(Brasilia Time/Brazil)

Tuesday – May, 18 – 2021
(Brasilia Time/Brazil)    

Wednesday – May, 19 – 2021
(Brasilia Time/Brazil)

Session I

Brazilian Network of Human Milk Banks - Innovations to Overcome the Pandemic    

Session II

Human Milk Banks Facing Covid-19 - Strategic Actions from Local to Global

Session III

Breastfeeding, Human Milk Donation and Vaccination Against Covid-19: Progress of Knowledge

10:00h – Welcome Greeting

Ministry of Health

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

Brazilian Human Milk Banks Network 

National Commission of Human Milk Banks

National Reference Center of rBLH-BR

10:45h – rBLH-BR: an overview of the first year facing Covid-19
Mariana Simões (IFF/Fiocruz)

11:00h – Learning and innovating to overcome the pandemic: The experiences of the Human Milk Banks in different regions of Brazil
Moderator: Miriam Santos (Health Secretariat of the Federal District)

Midwest region:
Federal District, Goiás, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul

South region:
Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina

12:00h – Break

13:00h – Learning and innovating to overcome the pandemic: The experiences of the Human Milk Banks in different regions of Brazil (sequel).
Moderator: Miriam Santos (Health Secretariat of the Federal District)

Northeast Region:
Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe

North region:
Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins

Southeast region:
Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (capital and countryside)

15:00h - Sharing innovations to overcome the pandemic - Experiences of the International Cooperation of the Brazilian Human Milk Banks Network. Reports by:

• Angola 
Elisa Gaspar (BLH of Luanda)
• El Salvador 
Mirian Alvarado (Ministry of Health)
• Ecuador 
Pamela Piñeiros (Ministry of Public Health)
Mediation: Loreney Lagos (BLH of Ibagué / Colombia)

15:30h – Discussion: Reflections on what else we can do
Debaters: Janini Ginani (Ministry of Health of Brazil), Denise Suguitani (NGO Prematurity), João Aprigio de Almeida (rBLH/Fiocruz), Marco Antonio Menezes (Vice President of Environment, Attention and Health Promotion/Fiocruz), Miriam Santos (Health Secretariat of the Federal District) and Danielle Aparecida da Silva (IFF/Fiocruz) 

16:00h - Closure

11:45h – Welcome Greeting

National Institute of Women, Children and Adolescents Health Fernandes Figueira
Fabio Russomano

Institute of Scientific and Technological Communication and Information in Health 
Rodrigo Murtinho

Center for International Relations in Health
Paulo Buss

12:00h – Human Milk Bank as Health Public Policy
Moderator: Jonas Borges (IFF/Fiocruz)

Neuquén Province and its Network.
Alejandra Buiarevich (HMB of Hospital Cutral Co – Plaza Huincul)

Mexico and the experience in running its National Network Human Milk Bank
Fabiola Olivan (Secretariat of Health of Mexico)

Multilateral Networks - Ibero-American, CPLP, BRICS and Global and their importance in facing the pandemic
João Aprigio de Almeida (rBLH/Fiocruz)

13:00h - International Technical Cooperation in Human Milk Bank: an articulation between States in favor of the Global Health
Moderator: Danielle Aparecida da Silva (IFF/Fiocruz)

Brazilian Cooperation Agency
Ambassador Ruy Pereira

Pan American Health Organization-
Socorro Gross Galiano

Ibero-American General Secretariat
Maria Andrea Albán

14:00h – Third Sector Perspectives
Moderator: Mariana Simões (IFF/Fiocruz)

European Milk Bank Association – EMBA
Enrico Bertino
Human Milk Banking Association of North America - HMBANA
Kim Updegrove

International Baby Food Action Network – IBFAN
Cintia Ribeiro

15:00h – World Human Milk Donation Day - A Global Action
Alejandro Rabuffetti (ICICT/Fiocruz)  Virgínia Gonzalez (IFF/Fiocruz)
• Institution of World Human Milk Donation Day
• Human Milk Donation 2021 - from conception to execution of choosing the slogan
• Presentation of the 10 finalists of the slogan for the mobilization in favor of the donation of human milk 2021
• The winning slogan from the author's perspective
• M

15:45h – Closure

11:45h – Welcome Greeting
Solidarity, empathy and overcoming - values of the Global Network of Human Milk Banks
João Aprigio de Almeida
(rBLH / Fiocruz)

Testimonial: Women who change life by donating hope

12:30h – Inaugural conference: 
“Breastfeeding Trends in the World Today”
Cesar Victora 
(Federal University of Pelotas)

Testimonial: Individual participation with collective power to save lives - the commitment of rBLH professionals

13:00h – Panel: Breastfeeding, Human Milk Donation and Vaccination Against Covid-19 - Experiences in the World.
Moderator: Danielle Aparecida da Silva (IFF/Fiocruz)

Antônio Rodrigues Braga Neto (Department of Strategic Programmatic Actions)

Nadia García Lara (HMB of Hospital 12 de Octubre)

Gillian Weaver (Global Alliance of Milk Banks and Associations)

Sitaraman Sadasivan (Sir.Padampat Mother and Child Health Institute)

Tanya Cassidy (Dublin City University)

Sharron Bransburg Zabary (National Human Milk Bank of Israel)

15:00h - Panel discussion 

16:00h - Closing ceremony

Minister of Health of Brazil

President of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

Director of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency

Representative of Pan American Health Organization in Brazil

Representative of United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund in Brazil