Communication is a strategic area of the Global Network of Human Milk Banks (rBLH). The Communication Center is intended to assist civil society, including breastfeeding mothers and their support network, managers, researchers, teachers, professionals and students working on the topics of breastfeeding and human milk donation

The mission of the nucleus is to strengthen the rBLH´s image, aiming to contribute to its national and international recognition as a strategic tool for information and communication, as well as acting as a communication consultant for the human milk banks that are part of the network.

The staff is responsible for producing and reviewing content for the various channels of the rBLH, seeking to promote actions to promote, protect and support breastfeeding and human milk donation. It´s also responsible for the management of the portal, social networks, audiovisual products, campaign planning and the organization of commemorative and scientific events.


+55 (21) 2554-1963