The Brazilian Network in SUS

The Brazilian Human Milk Banks Network (rBLH-BR) is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, through a partnership between the National Institute of Women, Children and Adolescents' Health Fernandes Figueira of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (IFF / Fiocruz and the Department of Strategic Programmatic Actions and the Department of Health Care (SAS / DAPE). RBLH-BR is the articulation body with the Unified Health System (SUS) for the implantation and implementation of the strategic actions defined in the National Health Policy for the sector, as established by Administrative Ordinance No. 2,193 of September 14, 2006.

Mission of rBLH-BR

The mission of rBLH-BR is to promote women and children´s health by integrating and building partnerships with federal agencies, the Federation Units, municipalities, private sector and society in the context of HMBs.

Permanent goals of the rBLH-BR 

Promote, protect and support breastfeeding.

Collect and distribute human milk with quality certified.

Contribute to reducing infant mortality.

Organizational structure of the rBLH-BR National Reference Center 

Management and Information Center

Quality Control Laboratory

Education, Research and Technological Development Center

Telehealth Laboratory

Executive Secretary of the Iberoamerican Network of Human Milk Banks (IberBLH)

Operational model



The development of the rBLH-BR´s low-cost technology seeks to align the high technical rigor with low operating costs, in order to address quality demands of the health sector, rationalizing public expenditure. Therefore, we use as strategy the transformation of the operational problems into objects of research, linked to the postgraduate degree (master's and doctoral level).

Assistance in Breastfeeding

Clinical Management of Breastfeeding

Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI)

Bases of the “Rogeriano” Counseling - Brazilian Norm for Commercialization on human milk

Human Milk  

 Food Technology

Microbial Ecology

HACCP System

Quality Certification